I discovered paradise in SF !

I’ve been living in bay area for 3 years. I heard a lot about Golden Gate park but never been there. But, today I finally did go to GG park. An instant desire to blade in SF followed by a little tip from yelp (on best places to blade in SFO) I landed up at Golden Gate Park and it took  me little time to realize how happening, beautiful and scenic it is.

Here‘s the route I followed. This is just the main road I was on. I did manage to hike a few offshoot roads. I must have bladed close to 7 miles in total. John F Kennedy Drive is closed for traffic on Sundays and is exclusively open for bikers and roller bladers. Blading felt like gliding through the smooth road. There were plenty of bikers , joggers and roller blading enthusiasts.  On the way I saw a group of roller bladers dancing on simpson’s rap song. It was pure fun ! I also managed to explore the green areas around Lake Llyod and Academy of schience. Absolutely pristine ! I will surely go there every weekend.

Came close to winning the tournament !

I came so close to winning the tournament yesterday. Its been a while I made it to the last four and yesterday I lost 3-4 in the quarter finals. But, I was happy with my game. I am doing less safeties and shooting better. I think slowly I am getting there.

Other than pool, I bladed on the same 7.4 miles trail covering Belmont and Foster city. Plan to do the same today.   Oh, and I worked on integrating the Photos section of my website with my picasa web album by using Picasa API. If you are a web developer, you surely will be interested. Check it out.

My laptop got a joint replacement

Yes, I got the hinges and VGA cable alongwith the plastic case that I ordered from thinkpad-parts.com a week ago and put my laptop together. 2 hours and it was worth the effort. Its as good as new now ! hurray !!!

The day was very productive. I made good progress at work. Plan to go jog tonight as well after dinner. Nothing yet planned for the weekend but I am excited about pool tournament on saturday night at Lucky Shots in sunnyvale.

WFH and Blading !

I worked from home this morning. But, was not too productive , so drove to work (a mile away from my home) only to find people evacuating my building. Seing a fire engine standing outside, I made out that this is about a fire inside. So, I drove back only to find later that it was a fire drill and that the evacuation lasted just 5 more minutes and people were back to their cubes/offices in no time working.

Evening I went to rollerblade after a long time (2 weeks or so ).  I did around 9 miles total . Here’s the route I took.

First day of jog at night !

Today was the first day…errrr….night of my “jog at night during summer” series. Check out the route. Thats 1.3 miles one way. So 2.6 miles (round trip) total. Thats 78 miles a month ! That apart it was a very balanced day. I was productive at work – perhaps motivated by the free pizzeria lunch ! Got back home and my girl friend treated me with an awesome dinner !