GMAIL is Down on September 1 , 2009 at 12 pm PST

GMAIL is down. I am not able to get to the login since 12 pm PST . It just says waiting for the server and after a while displays a 502 Server unavailable error. The server seem to have crashed. There is just one site reporting the crash. I believe mine will be the second post informing the web users about it ;).  Please comment if you are feeling similar issues. I am counting the downtime and update the post. So far, 1 hr 31 mins. Very unlike google 😉

Time to self-introspect !

Yesterday, our team – Shark Baits – was formally out of the 8-ball Summer 2009 APA South Bay League after being defeated 3-0 with still 2 matches to finish. Very demoralizing indeed. I was to play the 5th match if we had a chance but never got an opportunity. Also, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from pool. Time to self-introspect, reset the priorities and get back stronger and fiercer !

5-0 win in today’s pool league game !

I am in an upbeat mood since winning my 8-ball pool league game by 5-0 today. Yahoooooooo.

Won a 3.5″ HP Digital Frame !!!

We won the tadpole race !

We won the tadpole race !

Looks like God is being generous to me this week. After the awesome trophy he gave me a free 3.5″ HP Digital frame. The occassion was a picnic organized by Oracle for celebrating a release. There were games. And one of them – The TadPole Race –  we won  !!! Our team (from left) Jerry, me, Kalpak, Xue.

What a day !!!

I am feeling so happy right now. I won my match 5-1 at the pool league (8-ball APA south bay) today. This win puts an end to my losing streak of over 6 weeks now. I also got my trophy from last season. Our team had come first in the 2009 South Bay APA 8-ball league.

2009 Spring 8-ball APA - First Place - Shark Baits

2009 Spring 8-ball APA - First Place - Shark Baits

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