California Academy of Science

My long awaited visit to california academy of science became a reality yesterday.

California Academy of Science

California Academy of Science

Overall the experience was good. We got there just after noon and found a free parking spot not too far from the museum.  Got our “overpriced” tickets – $25 for an adult.  They have as student discount – $20. Also, if you are taking public transportation to the museum, you can save $3 on a single ticket with the proof. We started with their main attraction – “The Rainforest “. It was undoubtedly great. Some of the flora and fauna I saw “live”, I’d seen only virtually on National Geographic.  From equatorial plants to poisonous frogs and snakes to rare species of lizards – they have it all.  The other attraction was the “Acquarium”. Its definitely one of the best I’ve ever seen. They have so many varieties of marine life on display that I got tired of seing them ! Following this, we headed over to the rooftop to see the rooftop gardens atop the academy building. Its amazing how they did all that. They have another attraction – The Planetarium –  thats included in the standard ticket but we did’nt know that it has limited seating and needs reservation when one buys the tickets. An insider employee told me that on weekends the reservations run out in an hour from the time musem opens . If you want to reserve a spot for yourself for the Planetarium make sure you buy your ticket before noon and get your spot reserved before you start exploring the museum.  All in all it was a decent but expensive experience. I’d give this a 3/5 rating on my weekend adventure. Check out the pictures here.

Angryyyyyy !!!

I am so angryyyyyy ! I have’nt changed a bit since childhood. I remember how I felt being angry when I was a child and I feel exactly the same. Totally furious.  I don’t want to discuss publicly why I am angry but I will shortly write a poem about my feelings before they escape from my body and make me inhuman again.  Watch out the poems section…

Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince

I’ve never been a Harry Potter fan before and had no desire to see it’s movies. But, with all the hype surroundng this movie, I finally decided to give it a try. Here’s my mini review. The special effects and story line were pretty good except that the ending was sad and TBC (to be contd..) kind off. (I badly need to see the sequel).

That apart, I did my 7 miles roller blading track and was productive at work !

I got my book shelf today !

I got a corner book shelf from craigslist today.  Its really good. Now, I can finally get my books out of the storage and put them on the bookshelf to be read ! These days I am in a mood to fix everything that is not right at my home.  I cleaned the air filter of my portable AC and it definitely improved the air flow. The compressor used to give up before. After the cleaning the AC  is working great.

Productive day ! $200 grocery shopping and night jog

Fixed a bug at work yesterday, splurged $200 in Costco and went for a night jog. All in all it was a very costly but productive day.