GMAIL is Down on September 1 , 2009 at 12 pm PST

GMAIL is down. I am not able to get to the login since 12 pm PST . It just says waiting for the server and after a while displays a 502 Server unavailable error. The server seem to have crashed. There is just one site reporting the crash. I believe mine will be the second post informing the web users about it ;).  Please comment if you are feeling similar issues. I am counting the downtime and update the post. So far, 1 hr 31 mins. Very unlike google 😉

  1. Btw, I am trying to access it from bay area – Belmont, California to be precise.

    • Brand
    • September 1st, 2009

    I’m in the Nashville, and Gmail is doing the same thing to me as of 3:40 Central time.

  2. downtime 2hr 7 min so far.

  3. Its back !!! at 2:17 pm PST to be precise ! That was 2 hrs 17 mins of downtime !!!

  4. Brand its back ! at 2:18 pm PST I am able to login. Good luck And thanks for the comment.@Brand

    • Anonymous
    • September 1st, 2009

    Hello i have been experiencing the same thing! Does anyone know what to do??

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