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Time to self-introspect !

Yesterday, our team – Shark Baits – was formally out of the 8-ball Summer 2009 APA South Bay League after being defeated 3-0 with still 2 matches to finish. Very demoralizing indeed. I was to play the 5th match if we had a chance but never got an opportunity. Also, I’ve decided to take a hiatus from pool. Time to self-introspect, reset the priorities and get back stronger and fiercer !

What a day !!!

I am feeling so happy right now. I won my match 5-1 at the pool league (8-ball APA south bay) today. This win puts an end to my losing streak of over 6 weeks now. I also got my trophy from last season. Our team had come first in the 2009 South Bay APA 8-ball league.

2009 Spring 8-ball APA - First Place - Shark Baits

2009 Spring 8-ball APA - First Place - Shark Baits

See more pics here.

Came close to winning the tournament !

I came so close to winning the tournament yesterday. Its been a while I made it to the last four and yesterday I lost 3-4 in the quarter finals. But, I was happy with my game. I am doing less safeties and shooting better. I think slowly I am getting there.

Other than pool, I bladed on the same 7.4 miles trail covering Belmont and Foster city. Plan to do the same today.   Oh, and I worked on integrating the Photos section of my website with my picasa web album by using Picasa API. If you are a web developer, you surely will be interested. Check it out.