I discovered paradise in SF !

I’ve been living in bay area for 3 years. I heard a lot about Golden Gate park but never been there. But, today I finally did go to GG park. An instant desire to blade in SF followed by a little tip from yelp (on best places to blade in SFO) I landed up at Golden Gate Park and it took¬† me little time to realize how happening, beautiful and scenic it is.

Here‘s the route I followed. This is just the main road I was on. I did manage to hike a few offshoot roads. I must have bladed close to 7 miles in total. John F Kennedy Drive is closed for traffic on Sundays and is exclusively open for bikers and roller bladers. Blading felt like gliding through the smooth road. There were plenty of bikers , joggers and roller blading enthusiasts.¬† On the way I saw a group of roller bladers dancing on simpson’s rap song. It was pure fun ! I also managed to explore the green areas around Lake Llyod and Academy of schience. Absolutely pristine ! I will surely go there every weekend.

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