What should I feed my pet ?

Pet Food is a 20 billion dollar industry in USA. Dry food for pets is like junk food is to human beings. Would you eat a packet of chips or cookies 3 times a day as your primary meal ? No, correct ? Then why do pet owners buy dry pet food ? Pet owners are brainwashed through viral advertisement campaigns and flashy mega stores to believe that commercial pet food is the way to go. Also, dry food sold is cheap, so that makes it an obvious choice. So, what are the alternatives ? A lot of pet owners like me feed home cooked food to their furry friends. There are plenty of recipes you can ‘google’ but here’s what I do for my 4 yr old chihuahua:


Organic Chicken Bone-In Thighs


Boil Water in the induction cooker at 1000 Watts. Usually takes about 3 mins.


Reduce the Wattage to 500 Watts after the water starts to boil


Immerse a thigh piece into the water


Set the timer to 30 mins and you are done !

I’ve been serving my chi raw cooked meat for over 4 years now and from the luster of his hairs and his cheerfulness, I can tell, he is a lot healthier than other dogs of his age and breed who are fed dry food !

Dry Pet Food is not healthy. According to a few under cover investigations, some pet food companies make dry pet food from the remains of the slaughtered animal that aren’t fit for human consumption. Also, dead animals from veterinary hospitals are used to manufacture some of the dry pet food.