1. What is PAWESOME ?
    PAWESOME is a service currently available on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices to allow pet owners to connect to one another in order to exchange pet sitting, pet sit for money or go on pet walks together.
  2. How do I get PAWESOME ?
    If you own an iPhone/iPad/iPod, open “App Store” application from your device, go to “Search” tab at bottom, search for “pawesome”, click “PAWESOME”, click “Free”, click “Install”.
  3. What all pet types are currently allowed to be registered on PAWESOME ?
    Currently, we allow people to register Dogs, Cats, Rabbit, Guinea Pig and Hamster.
  4. How do I register for activities with PAWESOME ?
    On iPhone/iPad/iPod , launch PAWESOME and click on the “+” sign on top right.
  5. How do I search for pet owners around my address interested in exchanging pet sitting ?
    On iPhone/iPad/iPod, launch PAWESOME and click on the “magnifying” symbol on bottom left, enter your address, choose a radius to which you want to find PAWESOME and hit “Search”.
  6. How do I contact someone I found near my address to exchange pet sitting?
    On iPhone/iPad/iPod, launch “PAWESOME”, once you find someone on the map, click the pin-cushion, click the pop up where it says the name, it will show a photograph of the pet. Click on the “Details” to toggle to the details. There will be a “Send Message” button or a “Call” button (if the user registered a phone number).